Unicorns DO Exist!!

The Unicorn

It’s one of my most cherished memories–the first night I joined a married couple as their unicorn. In case you don’t know the term, a unicorn is a woman who dates couples. Why unicorn? They are dazzling, magical creatures that are said to not exist and yet we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming about them. I think of myself more as a mermaid, but in the community of open sexuality, a unicorn is a rare and special treat. Most open couples (with a bi female) can search the world over for years for the right gal who meets both of their requirements in a lover. Being that unique, perfect specimen that combines both partners’ fantasies and emotional needs is one of my most favorite opportunities this glorious life has offered me. Let me show you why…

The Courtship

My first couple was newly married and yet not new to each other. They had been enjoying an open lifestyle together with couples, but what they really wanted–what they fantasized together while they made love–was to have just a girl they could share together without the distraction of another male around. They were quite picky and wanted her to be perfect for them. They found me!

I too was looking for just the right couple. What drives me towards couples, and particularly married couples, is love. I absolutely cherish getting to witness and participate in the most intimate way the deep love that many open couples share. Not all open relationships function based on that kind of love. Some are driven by a lack of love or a sexual despondency they hope a third party can fix. I spent a good deal of time discerning whose mutual mushy I-could-fuck-you-forever-and-never-get-bored, but-let’s-fuck-the-world-too style of romance would get all my whistles blowing. I found Dave and Amanda.

Amanda was drop-dead gorgeous. And as it turned out, she had been my hairdresser years ago. The giddy feelings of the crush I had way back then, coupled with her now more sophisticated look and presence, caused me to want to rip her clothes off every time I saw her. Dave was an all around great guy–funny, daring, honest, with a nice six-pack, tight buns, and shoulders that could lift Amanda and I if necessary.  I didn’t need him to be so physically fit, but it didn’t hurt my feelings.

We had one date to make sure we were a match. They treated me to some fine dining while we laughed away the sexual tension we couldn’t release that evening. I’m pretty sure Dave was hard most of that dinner. And it didn’t take a psychic to know that Amanda’s hands were wandering under the table. It was just so unfortunate that I was sitting across from them. So far away!

The Event

The night we finally consummated our match about a week later, I was so exhilarated. Nervous is not something I feel very often, but I do get very keyed-up. We met in a nice hotel and started with some wine and kissing. Then Amanda started undressing me. “I want to dress you up,” she said. Like her little doll she put me in outfits and posed me on the bed for her husband. Undressing during the spectacle, he stroked his very fine member in appreciation as we petted like school girls.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and started pulling Amanda into me. I have no idea how long it lasted, but I spent so much time between those lovely legs that when I finally looked up I had forgotten where I was. A hotel room with my beautiful lovers. Eyes glazed I watched the glory then before me: Dave was kissing Amanda with so much passion and force as he caressed her breasts I almost wanted to cry. Love! There it was. And then they looked at me and I could feel it in every pore of my body. I crawled up towards them and joined that kiss. Heaven.

But that’s not the best part! I will remember it until the day I die. After some delicious tasting of parts and mutual pleasuring, Dave positioned me in doggie. Everything slowed way down at that very moment. I knew this was the scene they saw in their minds and shared with each other during intimate moments, panting between thrusts their deepest desires. This was a very important occasion between these two lovers, and I could feel the energy shifting.

Amanda stopped her expert sucking of my nipple and joined her husband behind me. “I need to see!” she said eagerly. I looked back and watched as she stroked her husband’s rigid cock and lightly fingered my very wet kitty. He entered me at her direction, putting us together as it were. They both inhaled and sighed together as if she could feel his ecstasy and enjoyed it equally. Her next words still ring in my ear, “Is it good, baby? Is it as good as we thought it would be?” And his response, “Oh, yes! God, yes. It’s so good.”

She stood there watching. Just watching. Loving it all. And I sang a delicious song of joy in my whole being for them and for me. I was a gift. They were a gift. And we all felt the surge of pleasure, not just down bellow, but in our hearts.

We continued for several hours until every orgasm that could be had was. No ones needs went unfulfilled. The night ended with us all cuddled together, with me between them engulfing my tiny frame in their warm gratitude.

So do you see why I love couples so damn much!?! I’m entering a sanctuary that very few get to enter. They’ve created a window to their love where most people have a wall. And this little unicorn has been so fortunate as to slip through that opening and visit the world where we all become Gods and Goddesses–the beloveds’ bed. Yes, I live a charmed and romantic life. It’s my greatest creation. Care to join me?







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