Worship Wonderland

Worship Wonderland

 For the “Cheshire Cat” in you…

~DSC_0048Are you ready to give yourself the ultimate gift of seduction, pleasure, and healing? Would you like to pamper and be pampered? Can you imagine delighting in every ecstasy of touch, taste, sound, and sight? A true artisan of pleasure and joy, I would like to envelope you in a wonderland of fantasy that will rejuvenate, soothe, and harmonize whatever stresses your daily world. Come and enter paradise.

Together in 24 hours we will explore every desire that body, mind, and spirit can conjure. I will lavish you with masterful massages that not only tantalize you, but bring divine healing. We can bathe each other in tender care. We will feed each other in pure decadence until the hedonist in us is satisfied. Our sensual bodies will relish every touch as we bring each other the bliss we crave. There will be no thirst unquenched, no need left wanting.

I want you to know satisfaction like you truly deserve. I want your heart , mind and body to be so full of radiant joy that whatever you face the next day, week or month feels effortless. Let me fill you. Let me give to you. Let me serve you completely.

Just For You!


I only book one or two “Worships” a month, so please book early and be patient. I also reserve this pleasure for special gentlemen who particularly delight me. My giving is true and sincere. When I offer this gift to you, it is because I want to give you no less than all of me. You deserve it.

Please be prepared to plan our 24 hour occasion including hotel reservations, dining and any events we will be attending. Feel free to include me in the planning as you wish or surprise me! Remember to leave plenty of time for us to enjoy each other alone.



Let the fantasies begin!


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