You Have a Life.

Does it Now Have YOU?

Many people, men in particular, push themselves to achieve. They have a drive, a will to succeed that establishes them as distinguished, worldly, and accomplished. Society rewards that drive both financially and with social proof; we like our men in double-breasted suits, fancy cars, and gated communities. There comes a point when all the accomplishments and all the effort just doesn’t feel like anything any more. Now you have it all. Or do you?

The further you get, the more that stress and pain can creep into your daily life. You can become plagued with unresolved strain, sexual complications, stagnation, and the feeling that you aren’t really connecting with the people in your life.

If it seems like money isn’t buying you everything, then maybe you are looking for something more. I’d like to offer that to you. Sacred Intimacy is a discovery that goes deep into the spiritual and more elemental aspects of a being’s core from a sensual medium. Together we will take a journey that is completely unscripted,¬† and yet expertly guided, incorporating many healing, tantric, and intimate techniques.


A Sacred Intimacy Session Can Include:

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Healing Touch

  • Eye Contact

  • Reiki

  • Energy Work

  • Visualization

  • Hypnosis

  • NLP

  • Tantra

  • Sound

  • Role-Playing

  • Anal Massage

  • Anything we choose together

Holding the Space

The purpose of our time together will not only be to explore sensuality but to help you move towards greater wholeness and fulfillment in your daily life. I will create a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for you to explore yourself while I guide you gently beyond whatever limits your freedom and desires. I will spend time understanding the nature of your needs and then lead you into the session, where I intuitively help you shift into a new space. There will never be a moment where you feel less than  held, sacred, and cherished.

A Sacred Intimacy Session Helps You:

  • Face sexual shamenyx_rc01

  • Release patterns of addiction

  • Open to deep desires

  • Integrate behaviors that feel opposed

  • Deal with anger, sadness, or grief

  • Learn how to connect deeply to another and to one’s self

  • Explore repressed emotions to experience wholeness

  • Achieve new life goals

  • Heal physical challenges

My Professional Services:

I have spent 12 years as a professional healer, counselor and intuitive. Everything I do with you in these sessions is something I am certified in. I am not a licensed massage therapist, however I will be touching your body and relieving muscle tension. You can relax and enjoy the professional demeanor and quality of care that I put into everything I do. Please allow for 2 or 3 hours when booking a Sacred Intimacy session.

Even if you don’t understand why you are drawn to this approach, but feel compelled to experience intimacy from the sacred level, trust that part of you and set up a meeting. If you know exactly what intrigues you about this and can’t wait to explore the possibilities, then let’s start right away. This is the service you’ve been longing for.

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