Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

Some Women Have it All:

Warmth ~ Compassion ~ Intelligence ~ Beauty ~ Lust ~ Playfulness ~ Wit
Charm ~ Decorum ~ Elegance ~ Presence ~ Spirit ~ Delight ~ Intrigue

You don’t just want to sleep with her; you want to explore her.

There are certain women you just can’t get enough of. You want to seek out the mysterious nc_vavoom05depths of her Soul as much as you desire to feel the warmth of her skin against yours. You want to witness the singular way she dresses herself as much as the seductive way she undresses for you. You want her to be seen next to you at the theater, taking bites from your fork, and whispering secrets in your ear. You want to give to her as much as she gives to you. And from a longing you can’t explain, you want to know what it feels like to wake up with her in your arms.

You’re a unique and distinguished man who wants an elegant and desirable woman. You deserve the best there is. And why shouldn’t you have her? She’s the kind of girl who is compelling and engaging at a business function. She’s the best time you’ve ever had at a Christmas party. This is a woman even your friends would approve of. And the whole while all you want to do is sneak her into a bathroom or private office and enjoy what’s underneath that perfect decorum. And what’s better is that you know she’s thinking the exact same thing.

That’s the Girlfriend Experience.

At least that’s what you’re in for with me.

I only book two or three “Experiences” a month, so please book early and be patient. These experiences are very special to me, and because I have such few opportunities for them, I am very picky about my companions. It is important that our compatibility be established by our previous meetings.

Please be prepared to plan our 12-14 hour occasion (dinner to breakfast) including hotel reservations, dining and any events we will be attending. Feel free to include me in the planning as you wish or surprise me! Remember to leave plenty of time for us to enjoy each other alone too.

Imagine Waking Up To This…


Let’s Plan our Experience Today!

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