What Makes a Consummate Dinner Companion?

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What Makes an for Arousing and Fulfilling Evening?

photo(3)Think about what you really need. Sometimes its the comfort of the simple things like an elegant meal shared with a beautiful person who understands you, who listens attentively, who laughs easily and genuinely, whose warm touch seems to make you feel more alive. Sometimes a soft hand in your own and seductive, welcoming eyes looking at you from across a table draw you deep into your own masculine presence in a way that you may have forgotten. Sometimes you want to be seen and known.

From time to time we crave the feeling of “home,” and for some strange reason we can find it in the oddest of places. We’ve sat down next to a stranger at a bar and found ourselves revealing our Soul because we suddenly felt safe to do so; fate found a home in this kind person that we were compelled to know. This longing to connect, to share who we really are happens often around a meal. We break bread together. We feed each other as we are emotionally fed.

Living it Up!

~DSC_0049croppedI love dining with my dates as I always feel so much more connected to them after that. We know one another on a whole new level. In addition to that, we get to be together out there! I get to put my hand on your arm and have you escort me to your favorite establishment, relishing in your touch. I get to sip your choice wine, and you get to witness my sheer pleasure as I sample the delights you are sure to place in my mouth. Together we will let the night tempt us as our minds wander beyond dining and on to desert.

I am yours for the taking…




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