Meet Nyx

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I am so glad you are joining me here on this passionate and alluring adventure. I am eager to tantalize, tempt, and delight you as well as help untangle the twisted and harried mental and physical strains that keep your world from flowing with ease. Enter with me on a journey that only we will know together, completely unhurried and fully present—delivering us both to a divine, sensuous, erotic wonderland of fulfillment.

I am your elite, luxurious courtesan.


I am drawn to intelligent, discerning gentlemen with big, open hearts.  I love men who know how to be gracious and genuine, treating a lady always with dignity and respect. Well-traveled, well-groomed, and well-educated–thank you for living life fully and investing in all you have to offer the world. I want to know men like you. I want to soak you up and be inspired by your uncommon demeanor and vast knowledge. I want to be ravished by the sensual delights you have in store for me. I know you do.


Who I am, each m~DSC_0187oment I breathe, offers a gift, and therefore I love sharing all of myself with whomever I am with. I see this gift as well in whomever shares my space, and I inhale them with genuine pleasure. I relish my ability to serve and be served, to worship and to adore. Life’s magic is not wasted on me. Each flow feeds me deeply; each ebb washes me clean. I want to touch and be touched by all that life, love, and mystery has to offer. I want you to be a part of that. Let me enchant you.

I am nothing if not authentic. Although my hair flows unnaturally red and causes eyes to turn everywhere I go, everything about me is real. I say what I mean and feel deeply what I say. I have no filter, and that works out well for me and the people I care about. My heart is full and open, and I share it with everyone I come in contact with. If I spend time with you, you will feel me, and I will feel you. If a “Girlfriend Experience” is what you are looking for, I can give you no less. You may even call it a spiritual experience.

comeherecroppedThe bedroom is my playground where, unrestricted and unashamed, I am fully alive and free within myself. I feel my lover and their needs and how my own perfectly fit to create a delicious dance, our steps rhythmically mirroring need for need. I can flow from being assertive to submissive and enjoy watching our mutual fulfillment. Whatever desires are present bring me great pleasure to fulfill. And surrendering to my own could light up Seattle.  My perfectly proportional body (34C, 26, 36), captivating blue eyes, and radiant face are yours to enjoy.

In public I am a mighty and compelling companion. At only 5′ I have an uncanny ability to command attention and delight my dates with witty charm, sincere warmth, a wide vocabulary, and a seductive mythos. I am highly educated and have enjoyed a career in education, health and well-being, and business. Yes, I am a mature companion, and in my 30’s have lived enough to compliment your life and experiences.  Let’s enjoy what can become of two extraordinary people who are unafraid of exploring each other: self-expansion, extraordinary passion, emotional care and support, intellectual stimulation, and good-old fabulous fun!

You may wonder, “Has a fairy, enchantress or goddess embodied this small creature?” Perhaps. And yet I am human. I share fearlessly the trials, emotions, and challenges that unsettle me, that make me someone dynamic, someone… touchable.

Come discover me. I am Nyx.