• Duo Delight: Nyx and Audrey

    Duo Delight: Nyx and Audrey

    What happens when two sexy girls get to flirting? Well, in this case a whole lot!! Audrey and I have...

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  • PINK!


    Let this be not an end to the romantic, sensual Valentine's holiday, but the beginning of a year-long (life-long?) quest...

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  • Naughty Nymph!

    Naughty Nymph!

    Oh, how I love to take my clothes off outdoors. Why is it so appealing to be naked in the...

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  • Worshiping the Goddess

    Worshiping the Goddess

    Tantra has become an important part of my life. My spiritual journey has come to a point where it has...

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  • I <3 Fishnet

    I <3 Fishnet

    I remember the first time a lover bought me one of these. I pulled it out of the package, looked...

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  • Cream


    There are so many ways to flirt. Sometimes I don’t even realize I am doing it. Others I am highly...

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  • “Black and Blue”

    “Black and Blue”

    I love dressing up! I feel so good in sexy outfits complete with garter belts, silky stockings, sparkly shoes, and...

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  • On the Town

    On the Town

    This was such a great night. My photographer and I went to several classy hotels and took sexy photographs in...

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  • Red Sheets

    Red Sheets

    I was against the red sheets with the red hair. But my photographer thought it would look really cool. He...

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