Basics: I will always present myself in the most delectable way. Please be well-groomed and freshly showered, with yummy breath, for the occasion. Amenities are available for you to freshen up.


  • If you had to walk 10 blocks to get to my incall, you are now sweaty even though you showered before you left. Please use my shower to clean any area of your body that I might come in contact with.
  • You may have a personal and health-related reason for not wearing antiperspirant. I respect that. However, get some for our date.
  • You may be completely clean when you knock on my door. However, think of all the things you touched before you got to that moment? During our date, you’re hands may be places that require cleanliness to stay healthy. Least of all wash your hands when you arrive
  • Breath is important! If I am hosting, you will notice a box of Altoids on the bathroom counter. Take advantage of them. If you plan to hobby much, consider seeing your dentist about anything that could be affecting your breath. Don’t eat garlicky food or an onion burger before our date! 😉



Basics: Please present your gift on a table in plain sight when you arrive, and then excuse yourself to use the shower or prepare yourself in whatever way is necessary. There is no need to discuss the gift unless you decided to extend your time with me and my time allows it.


  • Know the donation ahead of time. Do not ask me how much for another hour.
  • Don’t hand it to me. Set it anywhere. An envelope is nice for discretion.
  • If you think you might want to extend our date, let me know that when you schedule, so I can let you know if I have that flexibility. I want you to get exactly what you want. I hate having to say no.
  • I don’t date off the clock. Please, don’t suggest it. If you would like to take me to dinner after our date and my time allows it, please follow my donation for social time.



Basics: Life happens. Sudden things come up. I know I’ve had to suddenly rush off to grab my son from school for an unexpected trip to the doctor, and it’s tipped my day upside down. I know this happens to you too. However, as a provider, helping gentlemen understand the value of the energy a courtesan puts into “setting the stage” so to speak for an encounter and planning her day around it is very important. Did you know that I often will close the day entirely if I have a longer date planned? That means if you book a dinner date with me and cancel last minute, you have not only prevented me from seeing you but from seeing anyone else too.

pink_calendar_and_day_planner-9039-1234321206Understanding that a courtesan like myself, being low-volume, often needs to dedicate an entire day to your specific session will help you understand that if you have a date planned with me, that you take that time seriously. I am also taking up a time slot that is not available to my incall mate. If you cancel last minute, it is not usable time for either of us. This whole thing should be fun. But it can’t be if we both don’t value it.

Dates cancelled before 24 hours of our session time are okay, but I would request that you reschedule promptly if possible. Dates cancelled after the 24 hours prior will require 50% payment. My paypal is Dates cancelled within 4 hours of our scheduled time will require 100% payment. Failure to follow this guideline will assure that we will not see each other in the future, as your care and consideration of my boundaries is how I choose my lovers. Those who don’t respect this are not in that circle.


Basics: In your first email, tell me about yourself. Let me know the date(s), time(s), and duration of the session(s) you wish to spend with me. Include any boards that you are on and your handle or ID. Send along at least two references of reputable providers who you have seen recently. Include their Name, Email, and Website. 


  • Don’t make me ask for all of the above. Send it in your first communication. The more emails I have to write back and forth regarding the business side of our friendship, the less exciting this becomes.
  • DO NOT send me an email that says, “Are you available?” I do not reply to those. You may be a perfect gentleman, but that doesn’t make a good first impression.
  • Avoid referencing any specific activity you might enjoy via email. This includes acronyms. I don’t post a menu in writing anywhere. That is because your time with me is for my companionship, not for anything we choose to do together during our time. If we are in communication via phone, that would be a much more suitable way to discuss details.
  • Yes, we may (will) become friends and begin to care about each other. That is natural, and I like it that way. However, I cannot email or text you daily. Yes, you may be looking for an companion that feels like a girlfriend, but I am not your girlfriend or significant other. If you find that you are messaging me daily, you are crossing a boundary. If you want that kind of exchange, please discuss with me the donation for regular “girlfriend” communication. If we see each other twice a month, a note or two between dates (besides scheduling emails) is completely reasonable and enjoyed. Non-scheduling emails get last priority, as you can imagine, so don’t expect an immediate reply. I will let you know if you are over-stepping this boundary
  • Do not make me work to get your references cleared. Sometimes we have time to consider, and we can’t expect ladies to be sitting by their computers or phones waiting to reply to our request. Plus, my time is valuable. Don’t make me look up information you already have (Name, Email, and Website). Send it to me in your initial request. You can also include their website or P411 profile linked. That’s quite nice and makes me like you even more.



wineI drink responsibly. I trust that you do as well. Not doing so is cause for termination of our date. Illegal drug use will also terminate our date immediately. Any disrespect of predetermined boundaries or other disrespect, be it physical or emotional, will also end our date without compensation. This includes over-staying your visit and stalling as I try to elegantly suggest your exit. I am not a clock watcher. In fact I will sometimes keep you over an extra 10 minutes myself if it’s my pleasure and you’re not in a hurry.  I am disease free. You should be as well. Any sign otherwise is also cause to terminate our date. No details here, folks. Be of sound mind and body during our time together. Be a gentleman.