Donation: New York, International Locations

Compensation is for your time with me as your companion. Anything we choose to do on our date is between consensual adults. Please refrain from mentioning or negotiating the rate. It diminishes both our enjoyment of the valuable time we have together. I do not date off the clock, so please don’t suggest it. My time, like yours, is very valuable. Extended dates which are 6 hours or longer will require a 50% deposit. Dates canceled less that 24 hours before their scheduled time will incur a donation. Within 24 hours: 50%. Within 4 hours or less: 80%

 Donation Schedule for New York:

$500 60 min
$600: 75 min
$700: 90 min
$900: 2 hours
$1100: 2.5 hours
$1250: 3 hours (Dinner Date)
$1300: 3 hours (in Room)
$1450: 3.5 hour (Dinner Date)
$1650: 4 hours (Dinner Date)
$1800: 5 hours (Dinner Date)
$1950: 6 hours (Dinner Date)
$200/hr.  Social Time
$700: Event Date (3-4 hours) No In-room.

These rates are for my incall in an upscale hotel in your city. Outcall visits further than 10 blue-assmiles from my incall location require a 90 minute minimum date. Outcall sessions all incur an additional $100 donation. Please contact me for the additional donation if your location is further than 10 miles from me.

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A Masterpiece Takes Time…

I prefer to have ample time to get to know you. Anything done well deserves time. Providing you with the quality and attention you are worthy of are my ultimate goals. Unless you simply do not have the time, always consider allowing me to treat you to a fuller, more rapturous experience. *Note: Extended dates of four hours or longer should include dinner out. Longer engagements can be arranged with companions with whom our compatibility has been established. As your mistress, I love to enjoy being treated to delightful trysts where I can weave my magic around you and be fascinated by who you are. For those special gentlemen who have endeared themselves to me and want to be treated to the ultimate experience, I am eager to enchant and transport you beyond the walls of your every-day world. Let’s fully explore one another and make memories we will never forget. As stated above, for me to schedule this time, a 50% deposit will be required.

$2600 Up to 16 hour over-night (happy hr to breakfast) “Girlfriend Experience”

$3200 24 hour “Worship Wonderland”

Travel Companion:

yellow-bikiniSome people are made for traveling. They stay calm in new situations. They love adventure and are comfortable both in following an expertly planned get away or simply getting away from scheduling and playing by ear. Excellent travel companions find pleasure in just about any senario. Flexible and friendly, they live each moment with a wide-eyed, smiling face fillenyx-cowgirl-pond-bastcroppedd with the desire to explore, connect, and create pleasure. I am just as happy laying pool or beach-side with a great book and a margarita as I am traipsing about a country side in search of the next exciting discovery.

Can you imagine the fun we could make together? Did I mention how much I enjoy “outdoor activities?” If it’s a business trip, expect luxurious and tantalizing evenings, where your bedroom goddess awaits you. Contemplate sensuality blended with companionable friendship, clothed in anything from smart, business attire to elegant gowns to tempting lingerie to nothing at all. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Not you!

I have been called a “living vacation” by friends. That’s because I am! Take me along and you will be sure not to forget the memories we will make.  A hedonist at heart, I know how to make the ordinary extraordinary. If you are a regular friend of mine, please message me personally to see about my travel rates.


I LOVE spending time with couples. If you and your lady want to delight in my company, please make sure both of you send me communication as to what you would like from the interaction. It is very important to me that both of your individual desires be met. I recommend a minimum of 90 minutes together.

50shadesofnyx$950: 90 min
$1250: 2 hours
$1500: 2.5 hours
$1700: 3 hours
$1600: 3 hour dinner date
$2000: 4 hour dinner date
$2600: 5-6 hour dinner date
(Full Evening)
$3600: Overnight

 Ménage à trois:

I take great pleasure in spending quality time with beautiful women. I especially enjoy sharing that time with a gracious man. Three is ALWAYS company! If there is a special someone you would like for you and I to engage with, please let me know. Also look for *specials* I will be offering with my preferred girlfriends listed below.  You won’t want to miss out on that extraordinary treat.

Audrey Adair:

Raven Moon:

Tiffany Case: