“Look, I’ll be honest, Nyx and I clicked like maybe I’ve never done before on the first visit, and your mileage may vary. But be aware that the potential exists for an incredible mental and sexual experience with this lady. Just an amazing girl friend experience in all aspects. I’m due back soon, and if I have HALF the fun I had it’ll be well worth my time and money. She’s a great lady. Be good to her and she’ll turn your life around.”

Biggie07, V.I.P.

“My first sight of her was of a gorgeous, petite redhead coming across the lobby to greet me. Her pictures are accurate, but don’t do her justice, she’s catch your breath beautiful. I think I was a bit tongue-tied at the sight of her.

Nyx is very genuine, warm and down-to-earth.. Her kisses are slow, deep, sensual and passionate. Exploring each other while still kissing felt entirely natural…

Nyx is like being with the gorgeous, sexy girlfriend you wish you had but never did.”

Zephyrwb, V.I.P.

“I had an absolutely great time with this little dynamo…

She is a beautiful person, smart, knowledgeable about sex, your and her bodies, very kind and considerate. She makes absolutely sure that you are well taken care of during her sessions, knows some great tricks, and brought some toys to help entertain us together as well as herself.

Just this fabulous one-time made me put Nyx on my ATF list!”

Dinneratthey, V.I.P.

“I can tell you this without any equivocation. Nyx is the epitome of sensual and seductive. You will not be left lacking pleasure or fulfillment, and you will find it difficult to keep your hands from her. Nyx is intuitive, highly responsive, and very vocal. Every point on her body exudes sexiness. If you follow her queues, you are likely to be led to a level of ecstasy you’ve not reached before…

Gentlemen, if all you are looking for is simply a primal experience, you can find that with most any woman. If you are looking to go well beyond, to savor dynamic company with an intelligent, interesting, radiantly beautiful, exceptionally sensual, and thrilling woman, who is fully in the moment, you will find few, if any, that rival Nyx. I am absolutely sure of this!”

RW96271, V.I.P.