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For some reason my Etiquette tab is linking to my blogs page. So until I figure out why, I'm posting etiquette here. [row] [span12]


Basics: I will always present myself in the most delectable way. Please be well-groomed and freshly showered, with yummy breath, for the occasion. Amenities are available for you to freshen up. Details:
  • If you had to...
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Unicorns DO Exist!!

The Unicorn

It's one of my most cherished memories--the first night I joined a married couple as their unicorn. In case you don't know the term, a unicorn is a woman who dates couples. Why unicorn? They are dazzling, magical creatures that are said to not exist and yet we can't stop ourselves from dreaming about...
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jackie robinsonI just watched 42 this evening. As most people were, I was touched by this moving account of Jackie Robinson's advance into major league baseball. What inspired me most was the courageous act of team executive, Branch Rickey, who challenged a social order (racism) at...
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Feel-Good Shoes

My roommate barged in on my bath last night, complete with candles and music, to show me the $250 pair of shoes she bought herself that day. It was the first time she had ever spent that kind of money on a singular purchase, and the exquisite glee still showed through her radiant smile. "I've...
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