Monthly Archives: October 2013


jackie robinsonI just watched 42 this evening. As most people were, I was touched by this moving account of Jackie Robinson's advance into major league baseball. What inspired me most was the courageous act of team executive, Branch Rickey, who challenged a social order (racism) at...
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Feel-Good Shoes

My roommate barged in on my bath last night, complete with candles and music, to show me the $250 pair of shoes she bought herself that day. It was the first time she had ever spent that kind of money on a singular purchase, and the exquisite glee still showed through her radiant smile. "I've...
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Why I do it

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite friends the other day, the kind of person you can tell anything, and he was sharing something deeply moving to him. To be honest, he's usually sharing something deeply moving; he's just that kind of guy. (Every girl should have a friend like this by...
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